I'm excited to share a piece I composed for my final Master's recital at UW, titled Andardráttur, which means "breath" in Icelandic. For many years, I have literally been obsessed with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. They have inspired me in countless ways, so I decided to title this composition in Icelandic as a salute to them.

Over the last couple of years, I have become fascinated with both the simplicity and importance of breathing. It's something we rarely think about as humans, but the process and power of breathing can be astounding! Just a few deep breaths can be truly invigorating, whether dealing with stress, nervousness, anger or any other emotion. In Andárdrattur I tried to portray the expansion and contraction motion of breathing with musical motives that both expand and contract with pitches and dynamics. Many thanks to Andrew Angell and Chris Trimis for playing on the piece! Also, many thanks to Debbie Brooks who first introduced me to the importance of breathing! I'm hoping to record a higher quality video of the piece later this summer and hope to have the sheet music available for purchase soon! Hope you enjoy Andardráttur!