The Light Above the Clouds

The Light Above the Clouds is the musical project of percussionist David Solomon.  Born out of discontent while studying classical percussion in graduate school, Solomon set out to write his own music that truly resonated with his musical sensibilities and interests.  After feeling disconnected while playing others’ music, he sought to combine his love of mallet percussion instruments with his passion for indie and post rock music.  ‘In Flux’ is the first installment of this musical venture.  

RE:Percussion Duo

RE:Percussion Duo began in 2013 when Andrew Angell & David Solomon began playing together while graduate students at the University of Washington. The duo strives to combine acoustic percussion instruments with electronic effects and processing. RE:Percussion performs new and unique works for percussion and also composes their own material. The duo has been influenced by Sigur Ros, Bon Iver and Ivan Trevino.

Frames In Motion

Hailing from Seattle by way of Wisconsin, Jack Shriner has been a bedroom songwriter and home recording artist since he was a teenager. He has toured throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been featured on NPR's All Songs Considered Open Mic and Ball of Wax's Audio Quarterly.


Led by Rachel Price, Tofte is a folk-inspired Americana band based out of Seattle, Washington. In short, it is new folk music written and performed by jazz musicians who take pleasure in the simple things. Lead vocalist and songwriter Rachel Price drives the band with rich, sultry melodies supported by choral counterpoint. Evan Smith's clarinet melodies sing out alongside and around the vocals, playing in sweet duality with the mandolin (Dune Butler), baritone ukulele (Rachel Price), and charango (Rachel Price). Upright bass (Carmen Rothwell) and percussion (David Solomon) lend a solid foundation to Tofte's soaring harmonies.

The Fraidies

The Fraidies is a band composed of new friends, old friends, friends of friends, and classmates. Jon and Andrew grew up in Moses Lake, Washington. Jack, Chuck, and David grew up in various Midwestern locales. Though miles apart, they have a shared history of sitting in basements going mad for Oasis and the 90s Britpop bands that kept 60s and 70s classic rock alive. They came together in 2013 via Craigslist. Jon formed the band to help his friend Bradley fill a bill at Seattle's Sunset Tavern.

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